Friday, July 31, 2009

A Visit from a Cardinal

Well, I see a ritual beginning as I found myself at the front window again watching the birds while my coffee brewed. It's difficult to get photos from inside the house because it's an odd angle and even with my zoom lens it's a bit far, but I managed to get a few shots this morning while Jack and I observed all the activity.

When I first looked out this morning there were easily more than 25 birds. I guess they're starting to pass the word in the bird community that our yard is the place to be for a free meal. Jack and I call it "the cafeteria".

Jack's excitement is adorable. He fills me in on what they must be thinking, what they tell each other and what other things they might need. He even suggested that they needed water for drinking and bathing (grandma and grandpa had a bird bath that he loved to watch the birds using). Of course the only thing we could find around the house was a lid to a Rubbermaid container. I guess it'll have to do for now. So, we ventured out front, scaring all the birds away, and added this makeshift birdbath to the mix. Then we went about our business for a while before eventually checking back to see if any birds had returned. They are amazingly cautious once you've made an appearance. We see all kinds of activity, but they seem so afraid to return right away. They make fly bys, they land on the roof, they land in the tree, etc. but they stall when it comes to actual feeding.

Then it happened...a beautiful red Cardinal flew into the tree as we were watching. It was nearly impossible to get a good photo, but he was amazing. Jack enthusiastically commented "it's the most beautiful thing on this earth...well, at least after you since you're actually the most beautiful thing on this earth." And I'm not making that up. Do I have this boy trained to say the right thing or what?! Someday a girl will be lucky enough to marry this sensitive creature I'm raising. The day is off to a great start.

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