Monday, August 24, 2009

10 Favorite Things about Camping at Canyon Point Last Weekend

Ok, I started to do a post about our camping trip and it was way too long to post. I've always known that I'm long winded, so I decided to try lists instead.

Camping at Canyon Point was amazing! There were highs and lows, but overall mostly highs.

Top Ten Things About Our Weekend at Canyon Point!
  1. Riding bikes around the campground. I followed Jack as he rode his bike through as many mud puddles as he could find. The muddy trail of droplets extending up his back and into his hair were adorable. It reinforced my desire to get the kids better bikes for their birthday/Christmas gifts this year and to get my own bike tuned up. The kids need gears and lighter weight bikes!

  2. Watching and listening to the kids explore the forest behind our campsite. They didn't fight but instead played imaginatively.

  3. Playing poker in the rain. Thank goodness I grabbed the plastic poker chips and cards as an afterthought. Thank goodness I also suggested that we bring the covered awning since there was a possibility of rain...that turned to 100% quite a few times during the weekend.

  4. Pushing the kids on the hammock only to have the cord break. The kids went flying and Sammy got hit in the head by the wooden part of the hammock. They were so stunned, but before anyone could cry we started laughing hysterically. A couple was walking by at the time and they couldn't help but laugh too. Too bad no one was video taping.

  5. Waking up before the sunrise and taking photos in the quiet of the morning.

  6. Having flushing toilets and a shower!!!

  7. The glorious cool mountain air and break from the Phoenix heat.

  8. Cooking steaks and corn on the cob on the grill. Food never tasted so good!

  9. Watching the kids whittle with their pocket knives. Grandpa taught them how to do it safely.

  10. Watching Daddy play catch with Sammy. This may seem minor, but he rarely does that at home.

A few low points:

  1. Friend's dog we're "dogsitting" pooped in my van TWICE! I learned that water and hand sanitizer does a pretty good clean up job...but how disgusting!

  2. Why does it always seem to rain when we go camping? We had to pack up a wet tent which meant we had to spread it out at home to dry off. We've got it down to a science since it happens often.

  3. We didn't catch any fish since we don't really know what we're doing when it comes to fishing. I'm ready to take lessons soon!

  4. Old woman who was working at Aspen Campground wouldn't let me drive through to see the campsites. Why do some people have to be so overly cautious about rediculous things like this? What did she think I was going to do...sneak in a stay there even though we were already paying for Canyon Point? I just wanted to see the site for future camping trips.

  5. Having to pay about $15 for supplies to make s'mores since I forgot all our supplies. One sleeve of crackers was $2.00! Insane but can we camp without s'mores?

  6. Sleeping in a tent with kids who insist on talking in their sleep. Jack said "Patches peed on my sleeping bag! Patches peed on my sleeping bag!" haha...she didn't.

  7. Dog's in tent kept moving around and licking themselves...this is a sickening sound in the dead silence.

  8. Why does my face break out every time I camp? Ok, it has to be the dirt...but why???

  9. Seeing garbage left all over the forest. What's wrong with people?

  10. Getting car sick on our drive home. Why didn't I drive like I always do?

Next camping trip...Labor Day Weekend in Sedona at Chavez Crossing. We've never been there so I hope all goes well.

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