Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey Mom, there's a bat by our front door. Can we keep him, pllleeeaaassseee?

Ok, I was in the shower and in comes my son informing me that we have a baby bat by our front door. Of course this is followed with "can we pleeeeaaaseee keep him?" Of course I say "no" and follow it with "leave it alone and don't touch it...but I want to get some pictures of it." I'm always a sucker for a good photo opportunity.

So, I quickly finish my shower and throw on my robe and proceed downstairs to check out our new friend. He's literally hanging on our stucco wall so I lean in with my zoom lens (maybe 3 feet away) and start snapping photos. Of course he then takes flight and rather than flying away he zooms back over our heads (we all ducked) and he re-lands on the wall. We were dying laughing and was quite funny actually. He's tiny, like a little mouse with wings. He proceeded to take flight a number of times until I finally insisted that everyone come inside and leave him alone.

The kids have checked on him periodically and he's still by the front door but he's hanging from the lowest overhang which is just above the patio floor. It's in a corner and I suppose it's the darkest place he can find. The kids are finally losing interest and I'm keeping them away. I figure he should be gone by tonight, back from his adventure.
We enjoyed our tiny visitor and I'm happy no one got rabies. I realize that's a possiblity, but honestly I felt quite safe. I'm if his family misses him and wonders where he went...

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