Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I've got a raging headache

Today's going to be an expensive day. Maybe that's why my head hurts. I had to have my van towed to the auto shop this morning after discovering a very significant oil leak yesterday. Based on the amount of oil leakage, the guy at Tobias' Automotive recommended I not drive there. That's plain scary to me. My car's not even 3 years old yet...and it's a Nissan...they run forever, right?

When the tow truck driver arrived he told me that he rarely tows a Nissan unless they're at least 10 years old. I guess that's supposed to be comforting, except my car was towed. He also wondered why I was having it towed all the way to Cave Creek and Tobias'. I told him that my kids go to school in Cave Creek, we used to live in Tatum Ranch, and I felt safe with the honest guys at Tobias'.

Last month my teenage son started having major issues with his A/C and he called me in Kansas very stressed out. He always stresses when he has to spend ANY money on his car, which I remind him does have to be maintained and will need work occasionally. I recommended that he find a AAA approved repair shop and go to them...what do I know about the A/C. He ended up going to Tobias' because it was close to his work (and then he noticed the AAA sign in their window). The manager there spoke with him and told him that there was something that commonly breaks on the Ford Escorts' A/C unit around 150,000 miles so he might try that first. He told him the part he needed and how he could actually install it himself. Fortunately, he was bang on and my son fixed his car for under $25. He was thrilled!

After speaking with the manager and making arrangements to have my car brought in, I shared with him my son's experience. He remembered him and said he was glad it worked out. I decided that I need to write them a letter or maybe write in to AAA with this story. It's not everyday that you find a good, honest repairshop. Now, let's just hope that my car doesn't cost an arm and a leg to repair. I'm adding a photo of my van in front of Half Dome at Yosemite. I love that photo of our road tripping van!

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Holly Hunter said...

As a follow-up, I'll be trading in my beloved van soon.

Unfortunately it's proving to be a future money pit if we keep it.
The mechanic says Nissan's aren't what they used to be and they just aren't made well. Wish I'd known that 3 years ago...

This sucks.