Thursday, September 3, 2009

I wanted to share this book review from Natural Moms Talk Radio

Nature’s Playground: Activities, Crafts, and Games to Encourage Children to Get Outdoors

The general consensus among parents, teachers and child development experts is that kids nowadays spend too much time indoors in front of the computer or TV. Yet there is so much to learn from exploring nature. And when they have the opportunity and encouragement, kids love to climb trees and generally roam about outside.
What can parents do to inspire their kids to spend more time outside?
The book Nature’s Playground is a book full of activities and ideas to get the children away from modern trappings and out into the exciting world.

It offers lots of fantastic and adventurous activities, games and crafts that provide hours of fun during the different seasons.

From building a den with branches, how to be a nature detective, treasure hunts, sail wooden boats across a pond, bows and arrows, stargazing, mud activities, making bug boxes, collecting and discovering insects as well as safe activity ideas after dark – all of this and more is contained within this book.

Give your kids the greatest gift of their childhood, let them play in the earth’s biggest playground – Nature. The benefits of discovering nature are multifold. It strengthens their development and growth, but it also makes them aware of nature and how to treat it.
Get those muddy boots on and enjoy the great outdoors!

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