Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend's almost over...where did the time go?

I can't believe it's Sunday night and almost 9:30...where did the weekend go?

I picked up our Bountiful Basket yesterday morning at 7am and then came home to cut and clean the produce. I've learned that if I get on that immediately I'm much less likely to let it sit in the produce drawer and rot. So often I buy fruits and veggies with good intentions but then when I decide to eat them it's too late...they're rotting. My basket was loaded with tons of great stuff as usual. I absolutely believe every family should become involved with this incredible co-op. It's such an incredible bargain for the amount of food you get ($16.50 for everything you see in the photo). I actually took some of it to my friend Dani because I knew we wouldn't finish it all. Funny because she said she didn't order hers this week because she had stuff left over from last time.
Dani and I had a great time chatting and working towards finishing some projects. I created a deck of playing cards using our summer vacation photos. The template was just perfect and I know the boys will love playing with those cards. Then I ended up starting another version of my vacation book. This is actually the 3rd book I've started...why can't I just settle on one already? This latest version is very simple but I'm able to include way more pictures. I think it'll end up being a 100 page book which is very cool. It would be a first for me. But, I took thousands of photos so it seems appropriate since it was a 6 week trip too.

Today I took the boys to a birthday party at a friends house. They have a gargantuan swimming pool with an amazing slide that's like 25 feet long. I went down it a few times the last time we were there and ended up scraping my foot, elbow and hip. I guess that's what I get for going down on my stomach like a kid. I don't expect that I'll ever fully grow up! Today I felt a little anti-social as I was tired, had a headache and had a lot on my mind. Some days are just like that.

I have to get out and hopefully buy a different car this week. I somehow need to get over my anxiety about my trade in and hope that I get what I need to pay it off and then can get into something that I'll hang on to for years to come. I do not enjoy the car buying process since I feel like they're all being dishonest with me.

Oh, a quick update on Jack's teacher (the one who said he had ADHD). I asked him for a meeting last week because I felt I needed to clear the air with him. I went to the principal over the incident and I'm sure he got a talking to about his comments (even though he denied saying them). I still wasn't comfortable with Jack's placement in his class and was getting myself worked up over it all. I met with him Friday afternoon for about 45 minutes.

It truly did help to sit down with him on and talk about Jack's progress, issues, etc. One thing I found out is that Jack gets "in trouble" (not what the teacher called it, but what I call it) because he finishes his work so quickly and then bugs the other kids, or gives them answers to the work. He's simply not being challenged enough. He said that he already tested at 98% mastery for reading for 1st grade. I'm not at all surprised. He then mentioned that he'd like to have Jack tested for the gifted program. I told him he was tested last year (it should be in his file) and he came back gifted in visual/spatial. He didn't realize this. I'm thinking that after a month of school he might have had a chance to look at his file, but I know they've got a lot on their plates. But, I did mention that to the principal when I met with her because I knew Jack was bored so she at least could have mentioned it to him too.

There's such a lack of communication in the schools. I often wonder if I should consider having him tested for 2nd grade and just go ahead and move him up. I don't even know if that's possible at this point...probably not. I never wanted to have him be the youngest in the class, but it's just such a hassle each year to try to get them to challenge him. I think he'd adapt just fine if I did this...but we'll see.

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