Thursday, March 11, 2010

Men who love nature are SEXY!

Ok, I couldn't figure out how to title this post. I mean this is a family website, right.

As I was waiting for a friend to arrive for lunch today I was brainstorming on ideas for blog posts and I started making notes around the idea that "men who love nature are sexy". I must admit I've always felt this way. So, I started a list that I plan to hang on to. At some point (after I recover from my divorce) I know I'll be looking for a good man to spend time with...a nature loving man.

So, what makes a nature loving man sexy? I'm going to start my list, but I'll need your input so feel free to post comments with additional criteria.

A sexy nature loving man...

---knows how to put up a tent quickly and efficiently (especially when it's raining)
---looks amazingly handsome with a few days of stubble growing on his face
---doesn't complain about "all the bugs"
---drinks plain water...real water...not the flavored foo foo kind
---doesn't iron his jeans...ever
---affectionately calls me his "nature girl"
---knows what a dutch oven is and how to use it
---can point out and name various species of trees, birds, wildflowers, etc.
---cares about where his food comes from, how it was grown, etc.
---has a vehicle equipped for the backroads and doesn't worry about it getting dirty
---enjoys reading books by outdoor adventurers
---can easily name at least 5 National Parks because he's been there, done that
---assures me I look great in a bandana
---owns a pocket knife
---is drawn to me even when I haven't showered all weekend (can you say "pheromones")
---can roast the perfect marshmallow because he's patient
---wakes up early to start the fire and make coffee
---doesn't complain about sleeping in a tent or that his back hurts
---loves to spoon in a 2 person sleeping bag
---goes with the flow and knows how to kick back and relax
---doesn't worry about not having a signal for his phone
---picks up trash, even when it's not his
---has an uncanny sense of direction
---practices "outdoor etiquette" naturally and automatically
---owns a pair of binoculars...and he didn't buy them for sporting events

Ok, there are over 25...what can you add to my list? I know this is just the tip of the iceberg...


Heidi said...

My husband fell in love with me after I had come off a 22 day trip with no shower. I had just got out of a muddy portage and had mosquito bites all over my body. He saw all the mud and he knew that I was his.

Such a great way to know that it does not take much for me to look put together.

heidi Ahrens

Eric said...

I think I have most of those.. Others.. well, not so much