Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My life just got waaaaay easier...with an iMac computer!!

Wow!!  That's what I've been saying all day since I got my new 21" iMac Desktop computer set up.  It was so easy to use straight out of the box...and there was hardly anything even IN the box.  2 tiny manuals, a disk, a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard.  There's no tower...everything's inside the very flat monitor.  Wow!!

I've never been an Apple person, so this is my first experience...and so far it's a really good one.  If you're wondering how I can afford it, well, I really can't.  At least not all in one chunk.  I went with the 18 months same as cash option from Best Buy. This is the same way I purchased my Nikon D60 camera that's brought me so much joy over the past few years.  I fully intend to have the iMac paid off in time, just like I did with the camera.

Yesterday I was ready to pull my hair out waiting for my laptop to do ANYTHING!  I've been struggling for months with a computer that feels like it's reverted back to dial up.  I realized it was stressing me out way too much after I developed a large lump in my lip after biting it unconsciously for hours the other night while trying to get a basic post done on my Meetup group.  I spend hours every day trying to get things done that should only take minutes.  Time is money, right?

My son and numerous people have asked me why I opted for the desktop rather than another laptop. Well, refer back to the "I can't really afford this" portion of this post and you'll understand that a laptop with the same capabilities as this 500 GB desktop was approx. $600 more. No, these computers aren't cheap.  But, I'm counting on the fact that they are supposed to NEVER slow down, never get viruses and that once you go with a Mac you NEVER go back to a PC.  I'll keep you posted.  The fact that I just finished this post in less than 10 minutes is testament enough for me!!!  The page would still be loading on the old laptop!

Here's an "Andy Warhol" style picture taken with the special effects on iPhoto.  I chose this option since it's "hat day" and I just got a chemical peel last week.  Kind of fun too...

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