Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My "thank you" letter to AZ BOW Committee

I wanted to share this thank you letter that I sent to AZ BOW Committee after returning from the "Becoming An Outdoors Woman Workshop" this past weekend.  I had such a fantastic time!  I figured this letter is a great way to share my experience with others who were wondering what we did over the weekend.  

I was also fortunate enough to be the lone recipient of a BOW Scholarship (valued at $245).  This was a wonderful gift as it afforded me the opportunity to go do something amazing for myself that I otherwise couldn't afford.  The life experience I received was priceless!  In the future I'll save, skimp and go without in order to return once again!

The Wild Women of Papago Cabin

Karan with her largemouth bass.

Holly tying a fly.
Holly and Geri with her autographed "The Raptors of Arizona" book

I wanted to sincerely thank you and the other members of the AZ BOW committee for choosing me as the April 2011 Scholarship recipient. I can't express to you enough how much I appreciated this opportunity to get out and do something fun just for ME.  I had such an amazing time and met so many beautiful, strong and courageous women!  The weekend really went by fast!

I am so grateful for the amazing BOW staff, instructors and volunteers.  It's obvious that everyone enjoys what they're doing a great deal. There were a number of times that I asked "stupid questions" only to be assured that there's no such thing as a "stupid question".  The instructors were patient, kind, encouraging and knowledgable.  Because of this, I left BOW feeling empowered and confident!  I'm simply feeling a little spring in my step that wasn't there before!

Holly, Karan and Linda Dightmon
I'd venture to say that my experience at BOW has been life changing.  Prior to attending the workshop, I had little to no experience with firearms but I have a desire to become a future game hunter and I hope to encourage my 3 sons to join me.  As a single mother I view this as a way to strengthen our relationship as they grow older.  It's also an opportunity to carry on a family tradition.  I realize that I have a great responsibility to raise independent, strong and confident young men.  But, where's an inexperienced outdoors woman to begin (when my experienced hunter father lives in another state)?  At BOW, that's where!  This past weekend at BOW I completed my AZ Hunter's Safety Certification and am excited to begin my journey.  If I hadn't had the opportunity to begin this adventure at BOW I'm not sure I would have done it at all.  I knew I was in a safe, "woman friendly" environment so I set my fears aside and just went for it!

I truly believe that the BOW program is an amazing gift for women of all ages and backgrounds.  The variety of classes appeals to a wide range of interest and experience levels and offers classes most anyone would enjoy.  I look forward to returning again and again (like many of the women I met who'd been 5, 6 or even 8 times!) and bringing as many women along as I can including my best friend Joanne who's a vegetarian.  She'd love Rappelling, Dutch Oven Cooking, Geocaching, Outdoor Photography, Archery and more.  Actually, I'd love those classes too!

I look forward to seeing everyone again at a future workshop and will keep you posted as to my progress as I continue my journey towards Becoming an Outdoors Woman who hunts!


Holly Hunter