Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Lizard Catching Club

Earlier this week I had the funniest conversation with my son Jack and his friend Nathaniel who lives around the block.  As they walked back from the mailbox with me I asked Nathaniel how his Memorial weekend was.  His response went something like this:  "Oh, pretty good.  I started a club.  It's a lizard catching club." So I asked him "how many lizards have you caught?" His reply "none yet."

Then Jack begins to excitedly go on and on about how they've come up with the way that they're going to catch lots of lizards.  "Yeah, we thought up the way to set a trap for them.  First we're going to get some crickets and tear off their back legs and put them in a dish so they can't escape.  Then we're going to have a box with a stick holding it tilted up and a string tied to it.  When a lizard comes we'll pull the string and catch the lizard."  Foolproof, just like in the cartoons, right?  Too cute!  So I asked him how many lizards he'd caught.  His reply was hilarious.  "I'm not even IN the club yet.  First you have to let Nathaniel's lizard bite you...then you're in."  My reply "I hope it doesn't bite hard."  Jack's response, "he doesn't even have teeth.  It doesn't hurt."  Ok then.

So, today Jack went to Nathaniel's house for a few hours only to return a while later with a few extra siblings in tow.  They had all kinds of containers (traps I mean).  They were setting up a teepee of sticks in the front yard for the birds (around the seed block) and trying to catch lizards.  They boasted of seeing over 30 so far but haven't managed to catch a single one...YET.  Oh well, talk about priceless entertainment for kids.  I'm thrilled to see them playing outdoors, away from screens of any sort.

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