Monday, July 4, 2011

From high heels to hiking boots!

The other day I was trying to decide on a cute outfit for joining a friend at Church.  Being a typical woman, I tried on at least 10 outfits before deciding on one that I felt comfortable, attractive and cool in.  Not "cool" as in hip but "cool" as in not hot.  It was 117 degrees here in Phoenix and no matter what I did I had sweat pouring off of me while getting ready.  I found myself thinking "is this one of those hot flashes they warned me about? Oh yeah, it's 117 degrees out!"

Time for the shoes.  I quickly proceeded to my trusty shoe organizer with all my favorite heels.  I found the perfect pair and walked around for a bit.  I checked out my profile in the full length mirror.  "Yeah" I thought, "my calves look great from all the hiking and backpacking we've been doing".  But then I walked around a bit more and found myself imagining having to wear these shoes for a few hours.  These days I live in my Keen water shoes (I even have these awful tan lines to back my story) or hiking boots.  I didn't think twice before quickly switching to a pair of wedges about half the height of the original heels. These were cute...not AS cute as the Calvin Klein heels, but they'd do.  Besides, this was Church, right.

Then I found myself thinking about how over the past few years I've been going through a transformation of sorts.  This past year has been crazy since my divorce was finalized.  During this very stressful period I've found myself almost desperately drawn to nature for solace.  I view my weekends as my savior...a chance to refuel my engine and heal my spirit.  When I'm out in a forest canopy, playfully rock-hoping in a creek with my kids, strolling through the desert, or even taking a scenic drive I tend to forget my worries at least for a while.  I'm reminded that the world is bigger than me and my problems and I come to believe that things will get better.  And, they do.

And the lucky thing is that I've found an incredible man who shares my passion for the outdoors.  So, when my children are with their dad every other weekend I have someone who'll gladly take off on adventures with me.  Truth be told, I've fallen madly in love with this man and he with me.  I've shoved my Calvin Klein's to the back of the closet and replaced them with expensive leather Asolo hiking boots and Keen water shoes.  But don't worry, I'm keeping the heels for special occasions!  It's great to be a Nature Girl who's really a Girly Girl at heart!

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