Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flower power and insect surprises

I love this picture that Rich took of me last weekend.  I'm totally in my element and engrossed in capturing the perfect photo of a little purple flower.  I had just crawled out of bed (actually the back of his Sequoia) and threw on my clothes to capture the morning light before it passed.  I love how the flower matches my shirt too!  Funny thing is I didn't even notice all the little bugs crawling around on it.  I was so focused on the flower itself it was a wonderful surprise when I uploaded the photos and noticed all the tiny creatures so at home on that perfect bloom.
This reminded me of a section we just read in The Nature Principle by Richard Louv in which he reminds us of the importance of native plants to our insect population.  Insects truly make the world go round. I often forget the "golden rule" as I find myself aggressively killing off ants at our campsites, forgetting that we're guests in their home and not the other way around.  I'll keep working on that one.  In the meantime, I'm hoping to start some gardening in the back yard soon.  I'll be going with natives and flowers to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
I played around a bit this weekend with the manual settings on my camera.  I realized I've had my Nikon D60 since June 2008 and I still haven't learned how to get past the automatic settings.  While I know I'm an excellent photographer I often find myself slightly disappointed with many of my pictures, knowing they could have been better or simply more clear.  I think later on this year I'll have to take a real hands on photography class.  It actually sounds therapeutic!  Anyone want to join me?

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